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Shops, villages

& towns

Medieval towns and authentic villages that cannot be ignored.

Emblematic seaside resort, city carved on the cliffs or village by the sea. Come to the centre of these representative places of the island and discover the tastes of traditional Corsican cuisine and the creations of our craftsmen.

5 minutes by car

Saint Cyprien

Saint Cyprien is a waterfront that has managed to stand out for its calm, typical of small Corsican villages. Surrounded by residential districts in the middle of which flourish some local shops and restaurants on the beach, the bay of Saint Cyprien has a unique charm of its kind. Fine sandy beach and all kinds of water sports, this village is an essential stopover for lovers of idleness and petanque games.

10 minutes by car


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Synonymous with magnificence, Porto-Vecchio is one of the most popular cities in Corsica. Located in the far south of the island, the " City of Salt " is a real geographical gem. Renowned for its seaside resort and breathtaking beaches, its picturesque canvas of forests and mountains of rare natural beauty surrounding the municipality, Porto-Vecchio is mainly built around an authentic commercial port and a booming city centre.

As for luxury, this part of the island is not to be outdone, with starred or very high-end restaurants, nightclubs, beach parties, select parties, Porto-Vecchio offers you everything you could wish for.

30 minutes by car


Bonifacio is a city located at the southern tip of the island of Beauty. It occupies a special place in the Corsican landscape. Set on its wind-sculpted limestone perch, this medieval city faces the archipelagos of the Lavezzi and Cerbicales islands, famous for their sea beds. Nearly 70 metres high, the Bouches de Bonifacio are separated from the heart of the old town and its houses nestled at the ends of the cliffs. The marina concentrates an important activity with a continuous myriad of brasseries, fancy restaurants, bars and shops.

Bonifacio will always remain a must.

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